Ask yourself these questions – Do you want to keep your ID-4001/ID-5001 working into the future? Do you live in a place where you can’t have an anemometer mounted outside? Is your anemometer missing or has it fallen apart over the years? Have you purchased an ID-4001/ID-5001 on eBay, without the anemometer? Would you like to use a modern, Davis 7911 anemometer? Would you like to have additional options while keeping your old, classic weather station working? We have the answer!

Our IDInterface can be used in many different ways. Its most basic function lets you connect a modern, Davis 7911 or Davis 6410 Vantage Pro 2 anemometer to your ID-4001/ID-5001, interpreting wind speed and direction, and sending it to the weather station in a format that emulates the original sensors.

And that’s where the fun starts, because no sensors are required at all. If you don’t need instant wind speed and direction, weather data can be periodically downloaded from OpenWeatherMap, using a local weather station in your area. With that option, wind speed and direction are displayed as if an anemometer were connected, and outside temperature, too.  One or both original Heathkit temperature sensors can be used instead, or substitute commonly available BME280 sensors, connected to the IDInterface. For outside use, a suitable weatherproof enclosure must be fabricated for the BME280, or just use outside temperature from OpenWeatherMap.

Using our IDInterface, only the original inside temperature sensor, or one, BME280 sensor for inside temperature is required, and all display functions work as originally designed. We were even able to correct the low wind speed non-linearity issue, in software.

The ID-5001 version (coming this fall) adds support for the humidity display, using the humidity function of the BME280 sensor.

The same circuit board is used for both ID-4001 and ID-5001 versions. Additional components and different software will be included for the ID-5001 version.

All options are set using WiFi and a web browser on a PC or mobile device.

No modifications to the ID-4001/ID-5001 are required to use all features of the IDInterface. It connects only to the sensor inputs on the bottom of the case.

Please carefully review the documentation before purchasing this kit. Note that although it is easy to assemble and install, it is not for first time kit builders. We do not include step by step instructions or pictures, only a parts list, schematic, and assembly notes. 

Carefully examine the kit when you receive it. If for any reason you feel that you cannot complete the assembly and installation, return it for a full refund, less shipping. Once you start soldering, it cannot be returned. 

Everything required is included, except mounting hardware for the IDInterface. The microcontroller board is fully assembled and programmed. The interface has about 25-40 components to assemble, and all are included.

YOUR ID-4001/ID-5001 MUST BE IN PERFECT WORKING ORDER, FOR THE IDInterface TO WORK. WE CANNOT DIAGNOSE OR REPAIR ISSUES WITH WEATHER STATIONS. We strongly recommend reconditioning your weather station including replacement of all electrolytic capacitors, alignment, and testing according to the Heath manual.

Click here to sign up with OpenWeatherMap for a free key.

DOCUMENTATION (not yet updated for OpenWeatherMap)

Alpha release for testing using OpenWeatherMap as data source 05/15/19

This release appears to work perfectly downloading temperature, wind direction, and wind speed, from OpenWeatherMap. Combinations of original sensors, OpeWeatherMap, and IDinterface BME280 sensors have not yet been tested, but they did work before this major update.


SOLD OUT! A new version will be available in August, using OpenWeatherMap as the data source, since Weather Underground no longer provides free data.

The kit price is $129, plus $9 for USPS Priority shipping in the USA. Sales tax is charged for orders shipped within Florida. Contact us for international orders.

IDInterface kit for the Heathkit ID-4001 Weather Computer