If your GC-1000 has trouble locking onto distant WWV signals and you don’t want to use an outside antenna, or maybe the RF board is not working at all, here’s another option. The GC1000-NTP Interface easily connects to the clock with only four or six wires, and it adds the ability to receive time information from Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers using a local WiFi connection, or by connecting a commonly available GPS receiver (not included). A Ublox NEO-6M is inexpensive and available on eBay, and this GPS receiver has been reported to work perfectly.

Click here for a video of the clock working with the GC1000-NTP interface, with the weather option. Both the RF board and the whip antenna no longer serve any function and can be removed. Notice that the data light blinks red for “0,” green for “1,” and blue for “mark,” as data is received and interpreted from the GC1000-NTP interface. That is the RGB LED connected to the interface, mounted behind the front panel.

This clock has been modified with amber seconds LEDs and a blue Hi Spec LED. These options are not available from us, but they can be easily accomplished. Instructions are included.

Features of the interface include:
• Initial setup and configuration are completed using a web browser on a PC or mobile device.
• Daylight Saving Time (DST) start and end times are automatically handled by the GC1000-NTP.
• UTC offsets with 30 and 45 minute time differences are supported so the GC-1000 can be used worldwide.
• Connects to a GPS satellite receiver (not included), or open or password protected WiFi networks.
• Display on/off control by hour and weekday or weekend.
• Accuracy is approximately one second for NTP, better for GPS. 

Please carefully review the documentation before purchasing this kit. Note that although it is easy to assemble and install, it is not for first time kit builders. Step by step instructions are not and will not be available. It does require opening the clock, exposing line voltages if the clock is not unplugged. Carefully examine the kit when you receive it. If for any reason you feel that you cannot complete the assembly and installation, return it for a full refund, less shipping. Once you start soldering, it cannot be returned. 

Everything required is included, except for some hookup wire. The microcontroller board is fully assembled and programmed. The interface has about 22 components to assemble, and all are included. It can be installed inside the case, or outside. See the included picture of the board installed inside a GC-1000. This clock has the switching power supply upgrade installed, and it runs cool. The power supply modification is strongly recommended.

Visit the Downloads page for documentation and updates.