Coming in late January!

If you’re looking for something really different in Nixie clocks, this is it!

Zev-Binary24, is a 24 tube nixie clock that displays the time and date in binary format (Note to Software Engineers – it is really a BCD clock, but only we know that). Each group of four tubes represents one decimal digit. Tubes are individually mounted on separate circuit boards designed for each tube, to allow easy replacement as necessary. Twenty-four, IN-14 tube boards are included.

Click here to see the clock in action.

Features of the clock include:

  • RGB LED lighting with a variety of effects
  • Three configurable override periods with independent settings for start and end times, Nixie brightness, RGB LED brightness, and RGB colors and patterns. Each period can be enabled for weekdays, weekends, or both. Period override button restores default settings for user selectable time period.
  • Twelve different RGB LED patterns, and a cycle mode
  • NTP or GPS time reference
  • Automatic time zone setting for daylight saving time
  • Scrolling date display with three selectable date formats
  • Optional RGB LED scrolling with digits
  • Ambient light sensor increases brightness at user configurable light setting
  • PIR sensor optionally enables display only when motion is sensed
  • Cathode anti-poisoning routing helps to keep tubes in good condition
  • Settings are changed using a web browser

This is not a kit, it is a set of parts for advanced builders, only! Follow the link below to carefully review the documentation before purchasing the set of parts. Returns are not accepted.

Included is the main circuit board, a programmed ESP32 microcontroller, a pushbutton, 24, IN-14 tube boards, and 24, APA102 RGB LED breakout boards, only. Parts can be ordered from any parts supplier such as Digikey or Mouser.

We can provide tube boards for IN-8-2, IN-12B, Z570M Series, or ZM1000 tubes. These boards must be custom ordered and will substantially increase the cost of the set of parts, by approximately $75. For ZM1000 tubes, RGB LEDs must be mounted behind each tube.

The Flash Download Tool is used to update the clock firmware. Updates will be posted here.