Angry Electrons was created to make older, classic electronics, work with modern technologies. We build interesting microcontroller based interfaces to upgrade classic electronics with WiFi, NTP, GPS, and other resources.

Our first product, a replacement microcontroller for the classic NixiChron, Nixie tube clock, was well-received. The first production run completely sold out in 2016. It is now available again, for a limited time.

We recently released the GC1000-NTP adapter for the Heathkit GC-1000 Most Accurate Clock. The GC1000-NTP adds WiFi, GPS, NTP, and optional weather display capability.

Our newest product, the IDInterface, is a sensor simulator and modern anemometer interface for Heathkit classic weather stations, models ID-4001 and ID-5001. It will be available in early 2018.

Visit the product pages for complete descriptions, and links to documentation.

If you have angry electronics and a good idea, please get in touch!